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Know the truth about your case — before trial.

Veritas Research, L.P., uses in–depth jury research and our time–tested trial strategy techniques to help attorneys develop the most effective strategies for theme development, witness preparation, jury selection and trial presentation. Our goal is to make your case more persuasive, which is why we bring you the necessary expertise to help you present your most effective case.

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Read Dr. Ray's comments in The Expert Institute's featured article for the week:
Trial Consultants Explain The 5 Biggest Expert Mistakes

JANUARY 27, 2015
Written by: Joe O'Neill

When searching for ways to improve the quality of an expert’s testimony, attorneys frequently retain the services of independent trial consultants, who leverage specialized experience in psychology and the social sciences to help witnesses prepare for the stress of trial, deposition, and the inevitable cross-examination that they will face. We spoke with 8 leading trial consultants to discover the most common mistakes made by expert witnesses, and how you can work to avoid them.

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